It was so great meeting you and your fabulous wife Dottie! Anytime I can spread the good word on your performance here at Citrus Hills I will gladly do so. Our members raved about your performance. They loved the fact that your show felt as though it was unscripted. You kept them in stitches and the show just kept taking new twists and turns with each story. I, of course, love the fact that you are a true professional (i.e. showed up timely, came dressed in a nice suit and did not use profanity in your show). Any Social Director or Event Planner would be silly for turning you away from performing at their venue.

Nicholle Fernandez  Event Coordinator Citrus Hills CC



Our members at Quail Creek are still taking about your performance! You relate so well to their everyday life and travels. From your stories at the dreaded “Costco” to the jokes of traveling the world they were all very much engaged. You have a talent of keeping your act clean and tasteful, but still achieving optimum humor!  By far the best comedian act we have had at our club!

 Thanks so much,

Emily Hatcher

Food and Beverage Director   Quail Creek CC


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